Why choose IV Nutrient and hydration therapy?

For optimal health, our bodies need a combination of good hydration, vitamins minerals, and electrolytes. Things like poor diet, pollution, stress, and chemicals deplete our bodies from these essential nutrients and vitamins.

Hydration is also a big issue with more than half of people being chronically dehydrated. Fatigue, headaches, joint pain, and weight gain are only some of the symptoms of dehydration.

NuViDrip addresses these issues in a safe and efficient way. Patients receive IV therapy under the supervision of healthcare practitioners and in the comfort of the KharisMed NuViDrip lounge.

All students qualify for 10% discount. Please bring your valid student card along to your appointment.

NuViDrip @KharisMed requires full payment by the patient. Should this be covered by your medical aid, please submit the receipt to them directly for reimbursement.

Burnout (NAD)

The wonder drip! This drip increases energy, relieves fatigue and improves sleep. It is perfect to accelerate recovery after an illness. Packed with anti-oxidants, it has an anti-ageing effect and boosts the immune system.

Burnout+ (NAD+)

All of the above, but with extra punch! It also relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety. Truly the wonder drip!


Improve your mood and brain function! This drip helps with symptoms like foggy brain, depression, poor memory and concentration. This drip includes folic acid, that is vital in nerve cell growth and Glutathione, that is a chelator of heavy metals and reducer of oxidative stress, as well as other key ingredients.

Sports Recovery

Loaded with amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, this drip delays muscular fatigue and naturally enhances your athletic performance. Recovery time is also improved if given after a sports event. 

Sports Performance +

A step above the standard sports recovery drip, the Performance + drip has added N-Acetyl cysteine. This amino acid has a powerful effect on delaying muscle fatigue thereby increasing the time to exhaustion. A combination of antioxidants helps with recovery after exercise.

Gut Health

Your gut is the mainstay of your immune system and has an impact on every area of your health. Diseases such as IBS, Crohn’s, chronic constipation and leaky gut not only makes you feel miserable but has a huge impact on your general health and wellbeing. IV treatments help with the natural healing of digestive problems and your overall gut health.

Weight Loss

A drip filled with amino acids and other elements. This drip improves blood sugar control, helps with fatty acid metabolism and serves as a powerful antioxidant in your weight loss journey.

Mini-immune Booster

Give your immunity a boost with this drip. Ideal for after illness or surgery or give yourself a natural boost to optimize your health. 

Max-immune Booster

A super boost for a struggling immune system.

Heart Health

Improve your cardiac health with this drip that assists in lowering “bad’ cholesterol levels and reducing the build-up of fatty plaques in the arteries.


Help your body reverse the damage associated with poor diet and bad habits by this powerful antioxidant drip. Reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, help support your liver, boost the health of your skin and hair and improve cognitive function by replenishing vital electrolytes and minerals.

Detox +

Detox on steroids! Give your body the spring clean it deserves!

Anti-aging (glowing skin)

Ever heard of the “Glut-glow”? Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and together with other trace elements and good iv hydration will leave your skin feeling young and glowing.

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